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  • Why Should I Use A Child Contact Centre or Service?
    Sometime you may find that conversations regarding your children’s arrangements result in arguments. Is it impossible to reach an agreement about contact? If you are finding it difficult to discuss arrangements regarding your children with your ex-partner or family then it may be that a child contact service would be helpful in the short term. Supported child contact centres can provide a safe neutral place for contact where you as family members do not have to see each other face to face if this is going to be easier for you. If there are reasons that you need somewhere safe for your child to spend time with your ex-partner or family member in a supervised environment, then give us a call to discuss the options we have available. You may be concerned that your child might be at risk of harm. If this is the case, then a supervised centre might be a way of re-establishing contact whilst ensuring that your child’s physical and emotional wellbeing are maintained.
  • How Are The Sessions Arranged?
    We accept referrals both professionally and privately. The referral can be made by a social worker, solicitor, family mediator, CAFCASS Family Court Advisor or other appropriate professional OR from a parents/family members. Arrangements will vary depending on which type of contact session is taking place.
  • How Much Do The Sessions Cost?
    We are not currently able to offer a subsidised service. It needs to be mutually agreed by the parties as to who will cover the cost. Please look through our website or contact us for information on fees.
  • How Often Can I See My Children At The Contact Centre?
    This may be mentioned in a court order if contact is court ordered. This could also depend on our availability and what is decided during your pre-appointment with us.
  • Will My Ex-Partner Be Present During My Contact?
    Whilst you are in contact with your child it would not be usual for the other parent to be present. We would usual ask them to pop out or find somewhere to wait whilst your session is taking place. We will always have a way to contact the person your children live with, so if support is needed it will never be too far away.

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