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Our handover support involves a drop-off point where parents do not have to meet. The resident parent will drop the child off at the centre, and the non-resident parent will then take the child out before returning them to the centre. 


The handover will be supervised by our fully trained and helpful contact hub staff. The non-resident parent will then take the child out of the centre for the duration of the visit, bringing them back to the centre afterwards at an agreed time. Handover will take place at our Flitwick Centre. It is normally used when one of the parents feels at risk or uncomfortable about seeing the other parent. The Contact Hub also provide a full handover service, where we can collect and transport a child door-to-door. Whilst there may be no risk to the child, the parent or secondary caregiver may require a neutral person to be present. Our full handover service is also for more complex cases, subject to the availability of our staff team.

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